Research Donors collects blood for medical research from volunteer donors

Our service relies upon the generosity of volunteers who visit our facility to donate blood. Donors are reimbursed for their time and inconvenience, or may choose to join us in supporting one of our nominated charities.

By making a blood donation, our donors are directly contributing to the development of the next generation of medicines. These are already shifting the balance in our battle against some of the key diseases of our time.

We remain open during the Tier 4 restrictions

Attending a blood donation session is allowed in all tiers despite coronavirus restrictions. It is crucial that during the Coronavirus outbreak we maintain a supply of blood supply to the medical research field to help continue their vital work in developing new diagnostic tools, medications and therapies.

Donors are reimbursed £60 for attending donation appointments booked between 7am to 8.30am; appointments booked after this will be reimbursed at £45.

Donors needed …

We need more donors to help with medical research.You can read about the donation process and find out if you are eligible, and you can register online:

Register as a donor

Existing donor log-in

Research Donors supports the biomedical research community by providing access to human blood, isolated blood cells and other blood derived components and biospecimens.

All the samples we provide have been donated, processed and distributed in a manner consistent with current scientific research best-practices.

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