About Us

Research Donors is based in a modern blood donation facility in east London. From here we collect blood from our volunteer donors, test and process the samples and deliver them to medical researchers in the UK and around the world.

Biomedical researchers need fresh blood and specialised samples isolated from blood, to be able to research the causes of disease and to develop new diagnostic tests and medicines. Blood and the cells within it fulfil many essential roles in the human body. The samples we collect can be extremely useful in many areas of medical research. Examples of how the samples we produce are used include:

  • Testing new cancer treatments to make sure they will be safe for patients
  • Developing new systems to detect dangerous infections in blood
  • Finding genes that are involved in many types of disease

The blood samples collected and processed by Research Donors are provided to researchers working in laboratories at universities, hospitals, and companies including pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

The samples we can provide are especially useful to researchers because of the way we collect, process and deliver them. These organisations pay us to reimburse us for the cost of providing our service.

Research Donors is licensed by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) for the storage of relevant material which has come from a human body for use for a scheduled purpose under Licence Number 12693.

Become a donor

Our donors are compensated for their time and inconvenience whilst they are attending an appointment at our facility.

Find out about the process and requirements of becoming a paid donor in the donation process section.

All blood we collect is used for biomedical research and is never given to another person for their treatment. If you want to donate blood for transfusion to medical patients please visit the NHS blood and transplant website.

For researchers

We provide research organisations in the UK and abroad with a wide range of blood derived biospecimens, collected and processed according to precisely defined criteria. We work closely with researchers to ensure we meet their exact blood biospecimen needs.

Our processes allow us to collect samples from a diverse range of healthy volunteer donors using a variety of blood collection tubes and bags. Samples are tested and processed rapidly on site. We then deliver samples promptly including same day deliveries in southern England, and overnight throughout the rest of the UK and Europe.

You can see some of the material we produce which includes buffy coat, red cells, plasma, platelets, serum and PBMCs, and contact us with questions and requirements.